The doctor's office can be a scary place to visit or just inconvenient for your schedule. That's why we offer telehealth and teletherapy services for Oregon residents. We want you to be safe, comfortable, and receive the quality healthcare that you need.

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Integrative Brain Health

Do you have a traumatic brain injury, concussion, stroke, Parkinson's disease, ADHD, depression, anxiety, or another condition that affects how your brain works? Do you have trouble with memory, mood, attention, sleep, language, speech, or cognitive skills? We can help!

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Naturopathic Medicine

Finding the root cause of a problem is often the best way to solve a problem. Naturopathic medicine embraces this principle by treating the root cause of disease through the healing power of nature. No matter what ails you, we are here to help guide you towards healing.

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Walking Programs

Interested in joining us for a group walk? Want to learn how to walk faster or use Nordic walking poles correctly? Do you need a training program to stay motivated, accountable, and prepare for a race? Look no further--our Doc is a world champion Nordic Walker and USATF Masters Champion in the Race Walk!

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Speech Therapy

From pediatrics to geriatrics, we help you to communicate and speak better. We offer whole person, client centered approach to speech therapy. Our focus is on improving quality of life and customizing treatment to address each client's unique interests, needs, and goals.

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Living the #BossLife

Welcome to Dr. Melissa's blog. Enter here to learn more about becoming The Boss of your life, your health, and more!

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What happens when you are "The Boss"?

When people are empowered, change happens. If you've been struggling to make health changes in your life, bounced from doctor to doctor collecting diagnoses, and left the doctor's office feeling like you weren't  heard, call us to schedule a consultation. Our role is to help and guide you along your health journey.  We spend more time with our clients than the average physician and develop a customized treatment plan tailored to your unique needs.

Bears Tooth Pass

We make it easy to schedule an appointment!

Skip the waiting for the office to be open, the phone calls, and the waiting on hold... nobody likes that! Simply go to our booking website, select the type of visit you need, and select a time that works for you. We will reach out to you before the appointment to make sure we have everything that we need for your visit to be productive and worth your time.