Holistic Nutritional Coaching by Rachel Goodman

Looking for a bit more than the general recommendations of eat more vegetables and avoiding food sensitivities? Rachel Goodman, MScN, is now offering nutritional coaching to help you figure out what to eat! She offers general guidance, meal planning, and coaching to keep you on track with your health goals. When using nutritional services at The Boss Clinic LLC, you get the added benefit of Dr. Melissa’s supervision of the nutritional program so that you know that this is truly a “Doctor-Approved” program!

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About our Holistic Nutrition Coach

Rachel Goodman (she/her) is a holistic nutritionist who teaches others how to not only eat well, but to live well. Her approach with each client involves: listening to their unique story, assessing them as a whole person (mind, body and spirit); considering how their diet, supplements, mindset, environmental factors, etc. play a role in the contribution or prevention of disease; and supporting them as they work towards their health goals.

Rachel holds a BS and an MS in Nutrition from the National University of Natural Medicine. She is solidifying her nutrition education by taking courses through the Institute for Functional Medicine, and obtaining the Certified Nutrition Specialist credential. Prior to her training and education in nutrition, Rachel served as a combat engineer in the United States Marine Corps and was honorably discharged.

Rachel’s clinical focus is the use of holistic and functional nutrition as tools to address mental health disorders, autoimmune diseases, inflammatory conditions, and brain injuries.