Telehealth & Teletherapy Services

It can be scary to visit a doctor’s office. The germs, the wait, the other sick people… ick! To help overcome the barriers of accessing healthcare, we’ve launched our teleheath and teletherapy services for residents of Oregon. Scroll down to learn more about what and how we offer services online, then head over to our Book Now button on the main menu afterwards to book your online appointment!

Dr. Melissa sitting at her computer. Hashtag telehealth.

Telehealth Services

We offer our naturopathic medicine visits online for both first time visits and follow up visits. For your follow up visit, you can choose from a 60 minute or a 30 minute appointment. If you’ve got multiple concerns to talk about, we suggest selecting the 60 minute option. We are currently only able to offer this service to residents of Oregon due to licensure laws.

Teletherapy Services

We offer speech therapy services online for children and adults with speech, language, cognitive, or swallowing difficulties. You currently must be a resident of Oregon to receive these services due to licensure laws. Schedule a free 15 minute consult to find out if our services are a good match for you, your loved one, or your child.

How does the magic of teletherapy and telehealth happen?

  1. Click our “Book Now’ button to be redirected to our Square booking site.
  2. Select the service you are interested in. If you are not sure, select the free 15 minute consult so that we can talk about your needs and set up the appropriate appointment.
  3. Pick a time on our schedule that works for you and book it.
  4. We will contact you with our consent forms, intake forms, and a patient portal for our EHR to submit these forms to us.
  5. A few minutes before our meeting, we will send you a link to our compliant platform (currently we use Google Meet) where you can video chat with your provider for the appointment.
  6. After the visit, we will send you our recommendations via our patient portal, send any prescriptions to your pharmacy or Fullscript, or send lab work orders to you to print out and take to your lab.
  7. We’ll send you an invoice to pay via Square for the visit fee, or we will bill your insurance if we are able to do so.

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