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How to schedule an appointment with Dr. Melissa:

If you are a new client, simply use the Book Now tool below to schedule an appointment. Don’t see a time slot that works for your schedule, or have questions that you’d like to ask first? Give Dr. Melissa a call at 503-383-1252 or email her.

If you are a returning client, please log into your patient portal account (Charm PHR) and use the book appointment button inside of the PHR to select a time that works for you. If you have difficulty accessing your account or need a different time slot, please give Dr. Melissa a call at 503-383-1252 or email her.

Special Considerations for Booking Appointments:

You may need a telehealth appointment if:

  • You might have a contagious illness (colds, flus, GI upset). I do not have rapid flu tests, strep tests, or COVID testing in our office. I am not equipped to handle acute illnesses and share the office with other non-healthcare providers (esthetitians), therefore I recommend that you either see your PCP, go to urgent care, or schedule a telehealth appointment if you are having symptoms of colds or flus.
  • You have severe sensitivities or allergies to essential oils and other fragrances. The office is not a fragrance-free environment and is a shared space with other practitioners. I personally cannot control what fragrances they use. That said, we are all holistically minded practitioners and tend to use natural products when possible.
  • You are far away from Oregon City. I am licensed in the state of Oregon and can provide telehealth appointments to residents of Oregon who are in Oregon and individuals who are in Oregon at the time of the visit. I cannot provide telehealth appointments to residents of Washington or California at this time.
  • My schedule may require telehealth appointments from time to time over in-person visits due to caring for my family. I prefer in-person appointments; however, I have a new baby on the way and will be on a temporary pause from most in-person appointments during the months of July and August. I will keep you posted on the schedule and work with each of you on a case-by-case basis to accommodate the needs for in-person vs telehealth visits during that time.

You may need an in-person appointment if:

  • Your insurance does not cover telehealth. Most insurances have kept coverage for telehealth. There are a few who no longer cover telehealth though. Please check with your insurance!
  • You need a prescription for a controlled substance. There are currently some proposed rules that may go into effect that roll back the loosening of prescribing of controlled substances without an in-person visit. Please note that testosterone is a controlled substance, so even for hormones we may require an in-person visit for the initial visit or periodically.
  • You have a condition that warrants a physical examination or procedure. For example: musculoskeletal conditions, back pain, abdominal pain, respiratory conditions, sinus conditions, nasal specific procedures, prolotherapy… I typically glance through your intake form prior to the appointment and will contact you if I think we need to switch to an in-person appointment or vice-versa.
  • Initial visits are preferred to be in-person over telehealth, but this is flexible based on both of our needs.

To select an in-person appointment, simply schedule a regular visit with Dr. Melissa. To indicate that you need a telehealth appointment, please select “phone” option when scheduling. We use an outside video conferencing service and will send you the appointment link right before your appointment to your email.