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Physical Address: 19142 S Molalla Ave, STE A, Oregon City, OR 97045

I have a clinic room inside of Eden Beauty and Wellness. Please note that my business is not a fragrance-free environment and that I cannot control the scents that the other practitioners use. (The other businesses inside of Eden all gravitate towards the use of natural products, essential oils, and fragrances though, which is really nice!). If you have severe sensitivities to fragrance or allergies, please inform me prior to your visit so that we can discuss if a telehealth or home visit is safer for you.

The clinic room and restroom is accessible by wheelchair. There are no stairs!

Plenty of parking is directly available in front of the building. The parking lot is big, so there’s no need to stress over parking or parallel parking.

The office is accessible by Trimet Bus #33. Stop numbers 2841 and 2842 are approximately 1/10th of a mile away.

Mailing Address:

Mailing Address: 2050 Beavercreek Rd STE 101-423, Oregon City, OR 97045

Please do not send mail to our physical location, as we will probably not get it in a timely manner since that mailbox is shared with other businesses. Instead send all payments or mailings to the address above, which is a secure, dedicated mailbox.

Office Phone: 503-383-1252

You can call, text, or leave a message at this number. Please note that texting of medical information is not HIPAA compliant and is not recommended. Please use the PHR to upload records.

For my fax number, please call the office or send me an email to request it.

For afterhours concerns, call the office phone. The afterhours phone number is on the voicemail. If it is a medical emergency, please call 911. For urgent healthcare needs, please seek help at your local urgent care clinic.

General Email Inquiries:

Email us at [email protected]

Specific Health Related Questions:

Please schedule an appointment to discuss these concerns with me. While I do have a PHR where you can send questions, it often results in a message chain that takes more time and is more frustrating for both of us than having a direct conversation in a visit. Each message that I send through it often results in another message back, which over time rapidly doubles or quadruples my workload! Please note that I don’t get paid for responding to PHR messages and it can be very time consuming to read and answer messages. Expect at least 5-7 days for a response through the PHR messaging, possibly longer depending on my availability. Appointments are the best way to get your questions answered.

For Prescription Refills:

Please request the refill through the pharmacy. If there are no refills left, you most likely need to schedule an appointment for a follow up. Length of prescriptions are based on what is medically necessary OR what I am legally allowed to prescribe. For certain controlled substances, I must have a follow up appointment with you to re-prescribe the medication.

For Lab Orders:

These are typically released to you through the PHR under the labs section and faxed directly to the lab that will draw your blood after your visit with me. I cannot order labs without a visit to justify the tests except for in rare circumstances. Some clients will have “standing” lab orders if they get certain follow up labs done often for monitoring of diseases or medications. For labs that are run through insurance billing, I often have no idea how much the lab tests will cost because the rate is negotiated separately for each insurance directly with the lab. You will need to contact the lab company for pricing. For labs that are done out-of-pocket and through specialty companies, such as Vibrant Wellness or Diagnostics Solutions, I will provide you with a general estimate of the cost.

Visit Cost Estimates:

How much you pay for your visit depends on the insurance contract, length of time of the visit, and your deductible/coinsurance. I often do not know how much your responsibility will be until after I have billed your health insurance and received an EOB (explanation of benefits) back from the insurance company. I can provide you with an idea of a maximum cost for the visit (e.g. what I bill the insurance company), but the actual cost may be much less depending on the above factors. You can also give your insurance company a call and ask them what your deductible is, if you’ve met the deductible, what your co-insurance and copay are, and verify that my services are in network with your insurance. This will give us the information that we need to provide you with a more precise cost estimate. If you have a high deductible plan and think that you have not met the deductible yet, I will ask for payment at time of service and adjust the charges accordingly to the negotiated rate on your plan. For more information on insurance billing and plans, please contact me via phone.